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Fair amount of feelings.

Fair amount of dealings.

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Transparent eyes.

Transparent lies.

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Legs feel numb

sitting on the bed,

I’m contemplating.

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One has to live life

as it happens

with all the trials and tribulations,

it’s how it is.

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Dear WhatsApp

The change has been made but I used to wonder about the options given during muting the notifications.

It was either 8 hours, 1 week or 1 year.

Who in this world thinks, “Let me just mute them for a year and then I’ll re-evaluate.”

No. No one thinks that way. People mute the notification after some consideration.

So, a smart and obvious move to change it to “Always”.

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Late at Night

It’s late at night

and the realisation hits me.

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New post , something exciting!!!!

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A piece of me, a different world than yours, yet a world
that seems similar and relatable, just like any other world.

Once, poetry was a world unfamiliar to me, but then it
became a piece of me that will be there forever, till the


Coming soon!

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Odd hours

my windows’ open
it’s odd hours
sun’s shining
still no rays to be seen


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Panoramic view

Panoramic view

I see end to end.