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In a person’s life teenage is the stage when he lives his life to the fullest .

He expresses his emotions , whether it be of joy or sadness, loneliness or depression. But this is the stage when he actually finds what he is like a human being . Is he a good child? Is he a good friend? Is he a good student?

Everyone tries to become a good child, etiquette and behaviour wise. But at this age hormones start getting triggered that may make him not up to the mark. But here comes a parent’s job of just supporting their child and knowing that this is just a phase which will end soon.

Who is a good friend? A friend who makes you laugh? Someone who helps you in completing your work ? Or someone who is there for you when you need him? A child cannot be so perfect but he can be someone whom you trust a lot and love spending time with . It is very important and sometimes difficult to make long lasting friends.

Now , a good student from a parent’s perspective is someone who takes part in all co-curricular activities and excels in academics as well. But for this a child has to be very dedicated and hard working.

The reason why i started writing this blog .The most important thing for a teen is to explore himself , his likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses and hobbies.

Why are hobbies important ? In his teens , one decides what he/she wants to become or achieve later on in their life . For this a child must be knowing where his interest lies.

Teenage is a stage where one can enjoy the most and the fruits of labour will help one enjoy their rest of their lives too.



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