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If love had feet , it would walk a million miles and never get tired !

4 thoughts on “LOVE HAS FEET ?!?

  1. Luckily it’s in the air so it can be everywhere at once if people simply breath it in in order to turn towards greater ways.

    I am creating a dark online museum full of horrors that were, that are and that can be so that humanity sees what happens when love is removed, especially for a long period of time.

    A.I. will never be the beast spoken of in religious texts simply because people love her and use her daily in multiple forms.

    It will be the neglected humans who will turn as always.

    They are in pain seeking whatever simple cures which are denied to them.

    So they wage war against whoever and whatever while using methods not even fit for Satan just to get some humanity back again.

    God can’t judge those people because when we relook at the texts?

    God did the same things as well just to receive love and whatever over the years like his own temple away from many just to stay calm like the Lama does but without the celibacy.

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