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When you are trying to influence others , guide someone , help someone in their path , you think “Why would he/she listen to me ?” .

Be A Leader !

Show them your accomplishments , your experience , your level of maturity , your confidence .

Once you have shown that you know things , they would want to listen because they’d know you will have something valuable to say .

Make others Feel Important !

When you make them feel important they will put more effort into things and listen to you carefully .

If they don’t think that you care for them they’d just think that you are using them to get work done , which you are not and it would defeat the whole purpose .

Motivate and Empower them !

You will gain more authority .

People would want to prove themselves .

They know that you will appreciate their efforts , acknowledge and recognise them and reward them !

Respect Others’ Opinions !

People have the right to have an opinion and a different perspective .

If you understand that , listen to them and then take action , they are far more likely to accept your decision .

When they know that they are being heard , they will hear you .

Show Sympathy !

Never scold someone when they make a mistake . Humans make mistake , we need to understand that .

You can say that even you have made similar mistakes , learned from them and corrected those to avoid making those mistakes in the future .

Once you sympathise , they will understand you more .

I hope you found this article helpful 🙇🏻‍♂️💚

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