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Nothing’s perfect

Nothing’s perfect
and nothing can be.
But we were told
nothing can be perfect
and nothing is.


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Slow motion Rains

The rain is pouring down

in slow motion

and my eyes are satisfied.


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Nothing isn’t perfect
but nothing can be.

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Worried about the Future?

Sometimes it’s fine
to cross the bridge when it comes
as it may not lay in your path
that you’ve been building
for yourself to tread on.

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Candle lit
fragrance filled
sinus healed
moody feels .

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Connections are available

just waiting to be found.

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Rain falls.
Rain storms.


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Fear Of Missing Out

Fear of missing out
on decisions
that I don’t make
that I don’t take.


Update post coming soon!

Thanks for sticking by and being patient 🙂

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I asked you to
pour your heart out
and my heart stopped
in anticipation.

Came close to you
went far away
my breaths
and the floor beneath.

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Burned Out

I’ve lost my touch ,
words aren’t coming out .
I’ve written too much ,
think my mind is burning out .