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When you are trying to influence others , guide someone , help someone in their path , you think “Why would he/she listen to me ?” .

Be A Leader !

Show them your accomplishments , your experience , your level of maturity , your confidence .

Once you have shown that you know things , they would want to listen because they’d know you will have something valuable to say .

Make others Feel Important !

When you make them feel important they will put more effort into things and listen to you carefully .

If they don’t think that you care for them they’d just think that you are using them to get work done , which you are not and it would defeat the whole purpose .

Motivate and Empower them !

You will gain more authority .

People would want to prove themselves .

They know that you will appreciate their efforts , acknowledge and recognise them and reward them !

Respect Others’ Opinions !

People have the right to have an opinion and a different perspective .

If you understand that , listen to them and then take action , they are far more likely to accept your decision .

When they know that they are being heard , they will hear you .

Show Sympathy !

Never scold someone when they make a mistake . Humans make mistake , we need to understand that .

You can say that even you have made similar mistakes , learned from them and corrected those to avoid making those mistakes in the future .

Once you sympathise , they will understand you more .

I hope you found this article helpful 🙇🏻‍♂️💚

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Celebrated my several countries from in June(15-21 June this year) is something that should be celebrated across the world to raise awareness and also to work as a healthy reminder ( pun intended ) .

This year it’s at a time where everyone’s health is important – during a pandemic .

But still really important to gain knowledge on the situation .

Men often don’t feel the need to get a health check-up until the situation warrants getting one .

Maybe it’s because of the mindset of men being strong and that men don’t/can’t cry .

Men do cry and can cry and should if they want to . One should not be embarrassed of showing emotions it only shows how self-aware one is .

Hence , Mental Health being something men should care for.

Most men feel uncomfortable discussing their personal issues with others.

They tend to cave in and repress their emotions, which results in various mental health issues. 

Stay safe , keep in check and educate yourselves !

Hope you enjoyed 💚

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We see alot of people maintaining their physical health to feel good about themselves and feel confident . But some rather neglect Mental Health and not really conscious about the effects , the symptoms and in denial of getting mentally unstable .

Mental health is equally important .

People can be affected by internal as well as external factors .

” Mental Health is a state of well-being in which an individual realises his or her own abilities , can cope with normal stresses of life , can work productively , and is able to make a contribution to his or her community . “

In these times of an epidemic with people having to be quarantined in their own houses , there is alot of times to think about things and it sometimes leads to overthinking , then stress , then anxiety , then their mental health starts to deprive .

It is very important to keep yourselves in check and also to see if others are coping as well .

Consult a professional !

If you find anyone depressed , highly anxious , make sure to reach out to them , help them cope , listen .

I hope you all are doing well .

You can reach out to me on Instagram and we can have a chat .

RIP Sushant Singh Rajput 💚


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