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Dear 2020

Dear 2020 ,
If I knew you would be like this
treat me so poor and
then leave like this
I’m revising .
I miss my friends and my family
all of us are afraid from reality .
In reality , we want to be with others
but reality just shoves Covid-19 down our throats .

© TheVoiced


My best friend is leaving the country soon to pursue his future ! Best of luck Harshu 💚 May you have a wonderful and safe journey !

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Dear uncertainty ,
I don’t know how to feel .
Certainly uncertainty
has taken hold of me .

© TheVoiced


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It is okay to

not be okay

To have a body shape

To not be the same

It is okay to

not be okay .

© TheVoiced


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Dear Mask ,

Why do you have to be so rude ,

let me breathe for once

I’m sweating , so profuse

I can’t go on a run ,

breathing heavy .

Why are you so important ?

Thanks for your service !

© TheVoiced

Hope you enjoyed 💚

Please do wear masks guys ! Just wanted to put out a poem which makes us feel united with the relatability and also to spread the message !

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Dear May ,

You have been nothing but



and quick .

© TheVoiced

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Dear boys ,
before you turn into men
make sure to live life
fully and
freely .
Make sure to have accomplished whatever you wanted to
And respect everyone the way they are meant to .

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Dear Diary ( Corona Version ) #10

It was a great start to the day !

I made a canvas painting for the first time and it went well !

Take a look at My First Canvas Painting !

I have revisited an old book which I didn’t really read fully .

Rest of the day went well and was blogged in my new series that I have started .

Check out my new series ! FITNESS & FAJITAS

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Dear Diary ( Corona Version ) #9

All my art stuff just arrived today that I ordered , so excited to make some new paintings !

I was thinking of what I could start as a little series to post and I will be announcing that tomorrow , super excited for that as well !!

I had a killer workout today , upper body grind . My arms feel really sore 😋

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Dear Diary ( Corona Version ) #8

The daily quarantine routine was followed pretty nicely .

I was so so so satisfied when I saw the updated app of WordPress ! The fonts and styles , I love it !

I’ve been feeling the soreness in my workouts and I’m loving it so much .

Although , stretch marks due to working out feel good and bad both at the same time . I don’t how to feel but it’s great !

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Dear Diary ( Corona Version ) #7

I had a really good day today !

I’ve recently started doing some stretching yoga exercises in the morning which makes me feel more alive .

Jamming out on my playlist in the afternoon and a really juicy workout later in the evening !

Bed is made , I’m lying comfortably after a nice late night bath !

How was your day ? Hope it went well !