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Shredding it !
Put it on first ,
now I’m dreading it .
See the progress ,
I’ve been feeling it .

© TheVoiced


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I’m a woman .
And I know my place ,
it is shoulder-to-shoulder
and not to be be-littled
not to be disgraced .

I have the right
to have my own opinions
to have my own identity
and not being stereotyped .

You are no one to show me
where I belong .
I know my place .
You can’t take away
my voice , my freedom
and not let me exist in the same place .

Two parallel lines are
required to make an equal .
Let’s go hand-in-hand
and bridge the gap , for real .

© TheVoiced

Just something I wrote for the GirlUp I’m in !


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Completed The 30 Day Challenge

It started with my study cycle being very good , sleeping around 11pm and waking up at 7am .

I could easily finish my HIIT workout , have a bath and get to my work . Back when college hadn’t started .

But from 20th August college started . It got a little bit hectic .

My sleep cycle changed , sleeping at 2am and waking around 8:30am with my classes starting at 9am .

But I had to work it out . I couldn’t stop .

So I started working out in the window of half an hour , a break we get after 3 subjects .

Some days I couldn’t do it early so I had to mix it with my weight training .


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Women’s Equality Day

While people are still searching for fields women “can work in” ,
Women are out there conquering
every field without caring
for what people are thinking .

© TheVoiced


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When I started the 30 day challenge , I decided to do my weight training in the evening .

As when I do HIIT in the morning , I’ll burn more fat and when I do my weight training in the evening , I’ll get enough rest .

But I also thought of going for a walk after my evening workout .


My whole body’s hurting just from the HIIT and weights .

I would have been toast if I also did the walks but I still would have followed it through .

One does whatever he/she can to get what they want , to achieve what they crave , to persevere .

Go beyond your limits , but don’t push too far .

Have a great day 😊

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He Is A Legend

M.E.N III , what a song by Bugzy Malone .

The best motivational song you could ever listen to .

This guy went through so much in his life , I have not read about his life history but just listening to the song you get to know how much he has gone through and feel inspired .

Suicidal attempts in his past , accused of being mentally not well and the recent accident .

A blood clot , that passed through his heart and into the lungs and bleeding on the brain .

Any talk of me not being a legend stops here .

Remember his name , Bugzy Malone !

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I have been going on runs after my weight training but recently decided to switch it up and take up a challenge .

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) . Workout enthusiasts who search through YouTube will be knowing .

HIIT is recommended by everyone and said that it’s the best way to burn fat quickly .

The Wikipedia definition of it : A cardiovascular exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods, until too exhausted to continue. 

So I went on YouTube and found a routine which suited me the best and which I thought would push my limits .

And the challenge began

Take up a challenge yourself . A 30 day challenge and make it a habit !

Keep it up 🙌🏻

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Friday Flash

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be .

Set your goals high !

Have the best day 💚

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Thursday Thoughts

Success isn’t owned . It’s leased . Rent is due every day .

By J.J.Watt !

Keep working for it !

Have the best day 💚

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Wednesday Wonder


Keep up your fitness routine !


Have the best day 💚