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A man is stranded on an island for years and makes a football his friend and names it Wilson .
While returning him to his home certain events took place which led to his friend , Wilson , being left behind and the man (Tom Hanks) starts crying his eyes out.
The time when he should be the most happiest person in the world for returning home after years is the time when he is crying for losing a superficial friend .

This scene had a very strong message that you start appreciating every little thing in your life when stuck in a difficult situation .

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Being a person who cares the way I present  myself in front of others , I really wanted my beard to look good .

And trust me when I say this my beard did not look good at all , strands of hair scattered around , I really needed to fix it .

So I decided to buy The Man Company’s Almond and Thyme beard oil .

I went for this one as opposed to the Argan and Geranium beard oil because of the 3 extra and main ingredients .

The first one being the Rosemary oil which has a very high anti-oxidant value and it is an anti-inflammatory so it is really good for the skin .

The next ingredient is the Thyme oil which again increases blood circulation and it prevents flaking . It contains thymol which is a very effective anti-bacterial which keeps the germs away .

The third ingredient is Lemon essential oil which nourishes the skin very deeply .

The remaining oils are the exact same as used in the argan and geranium beard oil that are geranium , almond oil , argan oil , hazelnut oil and jojoba oil .

I’ve been using the Almond and Thyme beard oil for about two months and the difference is quite significant . It definitely has helped me grow my beard and also keeps it neat and refreshed the whole day .

It has a very refreshing fragrance as well which lasts for a good amount of time till late evening .

I highly recommend this product !

It has helped me tremendously and now it’s your turn !

Overall rating : 9/10