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Mark likes to have his dinner early . It’s a habit he’s been practicing for 40 years .

He wasn’t always like this but something happened that changed his life .

In his early 20s , during his uni days , he had a friend let’s call him Joe who always liked to have dinner early . Both of them were roommates .

One day Joe was late from class and he asked Mark if he could bring some vegetables from the shop .

But Mark refused and told him to have his dinner a little bit that day . This meant Joe had to take a longer route back home as he had to pick up the things himself .It was dark by the time & Joe was cycling his way back .

He was at the corner of the road , one red light away from the shop when one car came straight at him from across the road and hit him head on .

Since that day Mark cursed himself for not going to the shop and for not listening to Joe.

~ The Voiced

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They saw each other and felt a feeling felt never before .

The wind blew their hair away and their eyes connect .

Felt a touch felt never before .

They set up a date , had coffee and liked each other right from the first second .

And this went on for years.

Well , sorry to break your heart . Come back to reality , it’s never like this .

© TheVoiced

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I Want To Leave This City

I want to leave this city for the one I had been living in .

It’s different .

My want , my dreams have been feeding it .

I don’t know anymore if I’m feeling it ,

the chaos on the road but everyone’s zooming it .

© TheVoiced

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He Who Could Never Write A Story !

This is the story of the person who shared through his words ,

but could never write a story .

He would sit down with his pen and diary to start writing and could only use a few words to describe what he felt .

He thought of some things that might interest the audience and just wrote a few words .

But one fine day he met someone &

“His thoughts flowed , his mind blown .

His eyes shook , still his heart cold “

© TheVoiced

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The Day I Missed the Bus

I have had a problem of waking up late and my parents have a problem , that is me .

Woke up , brushed , dressed and rushed up .

Saw that the stop was empty and since it wasn’t a holiday , I pulled my socks up , I ran up , few blocks away , I caught up and still somehow , it slipped .

The long halt starts as the next bus comes at 8 , at the time when I was 8 and scared , my stomach rumbling cuz remember ?

I never said I ate .

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