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I asked you to
pour your heart out
and my heart stopped
in anticipation.

Came close to you
went far away
my breaths
and the floor beneath.

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(In) Competent

I loved this post !! Check them out πŸ’š

Out of all the things I can say or do What hurts me the most Is that I couldn’t save you Xxx

(In) Competent
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Fitness & Fajitas #2

The morning yoga went well !

Flat bread filled with potato , onions , corriander and some spices with some coffee for lunch .

Then slept for a while and proceeded with my workout for Biceps , Triceps & Shoulder .

For dinner , I ate Poha . Flattened rice is a de-husked rice which is flattened into flat light dry flakes. These flakes of rice swell when added to liquid, whether hot or cold, as they absorb water, milk or any other liquids.

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Rebranding – The Voiced

I was really excited for the start of something new !

And now finally the wait is over !!!

As I have grown older and more mature , I decided to change a few things to sound more serious I guess xD .

Going to keep this short . Hope you like it !!!

p.s. A little context for the newer/unaware audience , the name has been changed !

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HAPPY NEW YEAR ! 2020 !!

Happy New Year To All !

May this New Year bring joy , happiness , health , wealth and many more great things to all !

May your resolutions actually get done and you achieve success in whichever field you want to pursue !!!

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You guys must be thinking who is twisting this tale ?

I am !

I have decided , wait for it …. TO POST TWICE A DAY !!

WHATTT!? Your Favourite Blogger posting Twice !

You heard it right !

One will be a Quote .

A sad one , a love one , a funny one , an inspirational one … the list goes on !

The other will be a Poem ! I can’t even imagine how happy you guys might be !

Let me know in the comments !!

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What is meant will find me !

No matter how many problems one has faced , he/she should never forget that what is meant for them will find them .

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A dream…

Pretty little girl !

with pretty little eyes .

As soon as she looked at me ,

she wanted to say hi .

But due to her father’s fear,

she just smiled and shied .

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Connection strong like Wifi ,

It’s so hard to forget .

There’s so many people now ,

It’s hard to connect .

And now I regret ,

because I missed the chance to upgrade it .

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You ask me if I’m okay ,

I say that I’m fine ,

but the truth really is

that you’ve been running through my mindΒ 

I can’t see anything ,

love is making me blindΒ 


Still you say that I seem okay ,

but that’s what I show from outside

the truth really is that all I did is whine .