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Burned Out

I’ve lost my touch ,
words aren’t coming out .
I’ve written too much ,
think my mind is burning out .


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Weave words
Believe words
Naive words
Perceive words
Conceive words
Deceive words .

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I’m a woman .
And I know my place ,
it is shoulder-to-shoulder
and not to be be-littled
not to be disgraced .

I have the right
to have my own opinions
to have my own identity
and not being stereotyped .

You are no one to show me
where I belong .
I know my place .
You can’t take away
my voice , my freedom
and not let me exist in the same place .

Two parallel lines are
required to make an equal .
Let’s go hand-in-hand
and bridge the gap , for real .

Β© TheVoiced

Just something I wrote for the GirlUp I’m in !


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Being A Writer …

Being a writer
there’s always a panic
when there’s no way to
write all the thoughts , so frantic .

Β© TheVoiced


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A Writer will Never …

No writer will ever
want to confess ,
that he is a mess .
That the story written down
is his own reminiscence .

Β© TheVoiced


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Writing Can…

Writing can

heal pain ,

hide sorrow ,

reflect love ,

share joy ,

void hate .

Β© TheVoiced


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My Favourite Writing Quote Yet

Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.

Beautiful quote by Louis L’Amour !

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Heart says ,

“Be mine!”

Pen says ,


Night says ,

“Sleep tight.”

Mind says ,

“Another time?”

Β© TheVoiced

  • Fear Of Missing Out
    Fear of missing outon decisionsthat I don’t makeopportunitiesthat I don’t take. πŸ’š Update post coming soon! Thanks for sticking by and being patient πŸ™‚
  • Anticipation
    I asked you topour your heart out and my heart stoppedin anticipation. Came close to you went far away my breaths and the floor beneath.
  • Inexpressive
    Overwhelminglyunderwhelmedat the inexpressiveemotions . Β©SumattSays

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The Day I Missed the Bus

I have had a problem of waking up late and my parents have a problem , that is me .

Woke up , brushed , dressed and rushed up .

Saw that the stop was empty and since it wasn’t a holiday , I pulled my socks up , I ran up , few blocks away , I caught up and still somehow , it slipped .

The long halt starts as the next bus comes at 8 , at the time when I was 8 and scared , my stomach rumbling cuz remember ?

I never said I ate .

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Art is immortal , It is eternal .