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I deserve better …

For what I’ve done ,
what I’ve become ,
what I want to do ,
what I want to become ,
I don’t know what I’ve done wrong ,
but I do know that I deserve better .

The seed that I sowed , is yet to reap .
The effort that I put , is yet to show .
But I know for what I am , as a person ,
I deserve better !

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Losing Connections

Losing connections just to connect with myself .

was losing myself .
Losing myself , in the midst of all this .
All the stress , all the hassles .
I had forgotten what I’ve been wanting to do after all .

Too messed up , too confused .
It took a while for me to come back ,
back to normal .
But now I’m back , on the right track .

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Shower my love !

I’ve been preserving all my love ,

to shower it on you !

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Shoulder to Shoulder

I can’t go down ,
till you’re by my side .
By my side , standing shoulder to shoulder .

You help me , I help you .
Together we fight against ,
all the difficulties , we come through .

If only love was as strong as hate ,

It could spread much faster !


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I wish …

I wish I was there for her ,

when she needed me .

I wish I could care for her ,

when she would plead for it .

I wish I listened , for a moment ,

what she wanted to say .

I wish I just sat by her ,

and not just walk away .

I just wish , to turn things around ,

but we can’t be the same .

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Personally , I have been waking up at 5 in the morning for over a year now .

Before that even I was a couch potato like some of you but when my father told me the benefits of waking up early , I was fairly convinced and so I’m going to share some view points .

Getting up early in the morning , first of all , gives you more time to do whatever you want , your pending work , freshening up or even eating breakfast which some of us don’t have because of our busy lives .

You have that extra productive hour that others don’t . One feels active , energetic and ready for the day .

Another thing I started was thanking god for everything I have , just to start off the day with a positive note .

I you wake up early , you can plan out your day in advance . There will be no trouble in performing any task if you have planned it before and will feel stress free.

Now these are just some benefits of waking up early and there are hundreds more which you will realise only when you start following it !!

As said by Benjamin Franklin , ‘ Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy , wealthy and wise ! ‘

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Connection strong like Wifi ,

It’s so hard to forget .

There’s so many people now ,

It’s hard to connect .

And now I regret ,

because I missed the chance to upgrade it .

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I hate you love ,

Oh, I hate you love

At first , you make me the happiest person on the earth

And then you show me the rock bottom of the world .

What are these games ,

that you’ve been playing ?

Playing with my heart ,

You’ve been playing with my feelings .

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It was just a daily casual conversation with my grandparents and something came to my mind . I should find out if they ever said ”I love you” to each other because they had an arranged marriage . 

I asked my daddy ( what I address my grandpa as ) , ‘When is your 51st wedding anniversary ? ‘ . He replied , ‘9th December or is it 10th ( while looking at grandma ) ‘ . A typical husband xD .

Then I asked him , ‘How much do you talk to her on an average day ? ‘ and he replied ,’I do not wish to intrude her.’ . A typical husband xD.

Finally I asked them , ‘ Have you ever said I love you to each other ? ‘ . Awkward silence dawned for a while . Then both of them ignored it and told me , ‘Keep quiet and study !’ . 

They are one of the cutest couple , fight with each other , irritate each other but still care for each other !