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Your art

Your art.
From your heart
to mine.
My eyes sparkle
thinking about
what you imagine
and create.


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Inspiring being

Inspiring being
inspiring me.
Worth all the love,
you deserve everything.
that makes you feel loved
that makes you feel happy
everything, you deserve.

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Handle love

There ain’t no love left
so no need to handle it !


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I follow in your footsteps
and end up someplace
I intended to be this whole time
and you knew it all along.

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What I’ve Been Upto?

Since the past year, 2020, I’ve kept my mind going coming up with small creative ideas. Ideas for some books, novel series and my blog too.

Some of my avid readers might have noticed how I changed gears in the last quarter of 2020. I was researching and just seeing everywhere, “Consistency is key!” and that’s what I tried to do. Posted 3-4 blogs each day , following another thing I researched that was Niche. I posted everything I could , be it poetry, a quote, a photo, my day plans, my dear diaries, my diet plans.

But this steered me away from what I had started it for, which was poetry. I would rush to write poems, poems that I still found were decent but not where I am right now because what was in my mind was the deadline not the dead lines.

I continued this format till late December, 2020 or early January 2021. But then I hit the creative block or I was not happy with what I was putting out. I took some breaks in between but still posted poetry, this time the difference being I posted what I wanted to write about or what was already written and I wanted to share with you all.

Now this whole time, I’ve been coming up with different ideas, plot points and story lines. Still need to learn about the long-form writing but we’ll get there. I’m passionate about the topics and excited to see where those take me.

I will still keep on posting poems but the quality might reduce because most of the poems I write these days are the ones I really like and the ones I might add in my future works so it gets tougher to provide content available which is of decent quality as well.

Thank you to everyone who have stuck around and those who read, comment and appreciate my writings.

I will keep updating you guys on my future works, something might be in store for all of you soon πŸ˜‰

Love, Sumatt.

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I asked you to
pour your heart out
and my heart stopped
in anticipation.

Came close to you
went far away
my breaths
and the floor beneath.

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With me

She’s with me
but isn’t mine

Β© TheVoiced


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Act of Nature

Nature acts in its own ways
affected by anthropogenic plays
It’s the love that it fully craves
Same treatment when there were forests and caves .

Β© TheVoiced


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Your Presence

Your presence makes me happy
no matter what mood .
It has been so long
please do not elude .

Β© TheVoiced


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I’m A Wreck

A ship wreck
bottom of the ocean
left unattended
on the seabed .