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Fall Out Of Love

I wished to fall out of love

And thanks to her ,

who treated me badly .

I never thought I could forget

But she helped me to unlove .

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Be-littled and teased around as she did the household chores ,

Life took a turn as she was granted a wish , to marry the prince

She had her own plans , to live her life on her own terms .

Β© TheVoiced

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Think about what you can do right now , not what you wish you had done before .

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I wish …

I wish I was there for her ,

when she needed me .

I wish I could care for her ,

when she would plead for it .

I wish I listened , for a moment ,

what she wanted to say .

I wish I just sat by her ,

and not just walk away .

I just wish , to turn things around ,

but we can’t be the same .

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I’m not well ,

I wish you were here .


I wish you were here ,

holding my handΒ 

giving me support .


I wish you were here ,

by my side

listening to all I want to say .


But you choose not to ,

please tell me whyΒ 

I want to know the reasonΒ 

I’m slowly dying from inside